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Are you tired of manually updating products on your TVs, or company website? Well, we've got fantastic news for you. Since early this year, we have released two products which are set to change the way consumers shop at your retail store.

These products show live inventory in ways that are fully automated and do not require manual entry. Whether it's from a phone, computer or in person, your customers will have quick access to your inventory with no time wasted.

Website Plugin

Our JQuery plugin is uploaded onto your website.
It can also be linked by CDN.

  •  Powered By JQuery

  •  Compatible With Wordpress

  •  Sort by Name, Price, Type

  •  Completely Automated

  •  Synchronizes Every 4 Hours

TV Menuboard

Our tv menuboard quickly integrates into your existing BioTrackTHC application.

  • Multiple Prices (1g, 3.5g, etc)

  • Wireless Displays Supported 

  • Printable Menus 

  • Sort by Name, Price, Type 

  • Completely Automated 

  • Custom Advertisements 

Quick and Easy Setup

Jump in and pick from one of many themes. From installation to display, setup times are lightning fast and usually take no more than 30 minutes.

See TV Demo  See Website Demo

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